A5 - Kalte Erotik / Längst vorbei

Neunter Teil der Plünderung des Archivs von Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt-Blog, Juni 2006, obwohl das hier war nur verlinkt aus dem 7 Inch Punk-Blog:

A5 - Kalte Erotik / Längst vorbei (no fun records NF 108) '81

the A and B sides should of been switched, the b-side kills the a-side on this one. to bad everything i read on this band is written in german, so i apologize for the lack of 'post' on this one. would like to add…im not sure what you would classify this one as, you be the judge.

kalte erotik
längst vorbei


Anonym hat gesagt…

why your ripping off 7inchpunk on the text, scans, and tunes? get your own material. pretty fucking lame.

martinf hat gesagt…

While others rip off my postings without giving credits I say where I got it from. That's a big difference. Also I'm presenting it in a different context so people will notice it who would never look for A5 at 7inchpunk. And I don't think it's a punk single at all. By the way check out captaincrawl to find out how often records are posted twice or more (also I didn't see your complains here). Read more about the subject here.

sexy hat gesagt…
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