Elektronische Musik aus Köln

Vierzehnter Teil der Plünderung des Archivs von Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt-Blog, Juni 2006:

Elektronische Musik aus Köln- 1 ORIGINALTON WEST LP 1982

One for the electro-heads. This is a record of two parts. Tracks such as 'Was Kann der Papst da Sagen' and 'Wenn Mr Reagan es Will' highlight the balanced relationship between technological advancement and group performance, whereas 'Filmmusik' and 'Tanz in den Himmel' gives way to the Kraftwerk esthetic of machine over man. This is just before DAT machines, MIDI and computers became the norm, and man was left at their mercy. This is a vital documentation of the last days of hands-on programming and a record that still stands tall today. Check 'Biela' and 'Schlammgang', most especially, if you don't believe me. EMAK, the abbreviation of "Elektronische Musik aus Köln", was Kurt Mill's and Matthias Becker's studio-based project from Cologne, on the Originalton West label. The LPs (EMAK 1-3) are sadly long out of print, although some of the EMI pressings are still floating around. In 1994 Originalton did release the Best Of EMAK Vol.1-3 on a CD, so check the label link, and try and track down a copy. Good stuff.

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interessante sache, das.
danke für die bekanntschaft.

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Thanks a lot,
nachdem meine vinyl irgendwo verschollen ist, wenigstens wieder digital

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Also die hätte ich auch janz jerne auf meine alten Tage nochmal jehört. Könnten Sie die nochmal hochladen, Herr Kollege? Dann wäre ich sehr froh

Signed: DC, ach was, Anonymus No. 2

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Thank you very much sacht der Anonymus secundus