Deutsche Schäferhunde

Zwölfter Teil der Plünderung des Archivs von Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt-Blog, Juni 2006:

Deutsche Schäferhunde- s/t PLACEBO 7" 1982

More synth-oriented stuff you ask? I'll be drawing my attention to German post-punk in a few posts time, but for now here's Deutsche Schäferhunde (German Shepherd Dogs). These guys were a four piece from Eggstätt, near Munich. On the back sleeve, in true minimal DIY style, there is an unspecified telephone number beneath the christian names, and only the christian names, of the players involved. The same goes for those who are thanked. The group were Detlef (vocals), Manfred (guitar, synthesizer), Michael (bass, synthesizer), and Tommi (Eckhardt, perhaps? synthesizer, drums), and it's a shame they never released anything else beyond this limited edition single (the original was supposedly 500 copies only). This was a 1982 release, and put out by a label called Placebo, perhaps the American punk/electronic noise label of the same name, I don't know. On some versions there was a fourth title called Abschied, but not with this one. Still, there's some fierce production across these three tracks, making those synths and drum machines hit hard. Quite a cult bit of vinyl these days, so much so that the next post will be a 7" you'll be able to pick up anywhere for less than 1 EUR...

01. Rosa Brille
02. Gasmasken
03. Mein Herz


Anonym hat gesagt…

hurra! danke nachträglich!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello, Deutsche Schäferhunder were from Landsberg am Lech near Munich, not from Eggstätt (the guy there managed the pressing of the 7" and the printing of the covers).
Tommi was Tommi Ganshorn, who, sadly, is not amongst us any more. Tommi Eckart of 2raumwohnung sure would have made a great fit for the band, too, we even went to the same clubs in Munich, but did not know each other yet then.
I am the Uwe in the backcover credits, having done some recording and live mixing for the band.
Indeed, it's a pity the band fell apart after a while. Thus it was just a very short, but great moment in the history of postpunk.
Cheers, U.