The Black Vial - Noise Frequency PWM

The Black Vial: Noise Frequency PWM (LP, De Stijl IND-026, 2002)
Metronom / It's Gettin' Dark / Acustic Guitar / Noise Frequency PWM 3 / Life, Death And Destruction / Chant Tambour //
The Lady From The Middle Ages / Dark Heaven / Noise Frequency PWM 2 / Paques Nacxq
Songs written by L.Loch / Back Cover photo by Sabine Faust / Design by S.Faust/J.Gleue/L.Loch / Front Cover Photo by Jan Küster
Acustic Guitar: Piano Strings by M. Arfmann / Dark Heaven: Organ S.Faust / Harps Kl.Bömmeke

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