Sandy Dillon - Shipwrecked

Sandy Dillon - Shipwrecked (2013)
Disk 1 "Port": Take My Hand / Follow Me / When Sailors Were Cowboys / Quiqui and the Bathtub Gin / The Hepzibah / Can You Hear Me Now? / The Nancy / Lifesaver Man / Skin and Blister / The Emily Marshall Smiled / The Alice / The Shipwrecked Heart / This Little Girl / You'll Come Back
Disk 2 "Starboard": Who Goes There? / Marblehead Man / Skipper Ireson's Lament / Women of Marblehead Chant / Salty Dog Blues / We All Fall Down / Rosevear Ghost / The Spirit of Hopkins / Vernal Pools / Murray's Star Turn / Fish Soup / I Shipwrecked Myself / The Grampus Rocks / I'm a Tidal Wave / Epilogue (the Wreck of the Hesperus) (download)

"It's taken me about 3 years because we recorded in many different places, Berlin, London and Boston, using all kinds of hand built instruments. The stories in the songs are all inspired by the names of real Shipwrecked boats that actually occurred off of the Atlantic coast near the town I grew up in, in Massachusetts."
Contains two "buried treasure" tracks with some surprising guests from Sandy's past, notably, a duet with the late bassist Jaco Pastorius recorded live in New York in the 1980's.


Sandy Dillon - Flowers

Sandy Dillon - Flowers (2012)
Flowers* / Thinking About*** / There Is No Love*** / Last Fall**** / Heavy Boys** / Destiny*** / Dreams*** / You'll Come Back**** / Remember*** / My Best Friend*** / Give It Away**** (download)

*Single 1985, produced by Sandy Dillon/Dieter Meier
**Single 1985, produced by Sandy Dillon/Mick Ronson
***from the unreleased album "Dancing On The Freeway" (1985) (still unreleased tracks include Candy From A Stranger / Hard In Love / Hometown Girl / Another New Life / Dancing On The Freeway / Laughing Time / Take Me I'm Yours)
****from the unreleased album "Candy From A Stranger" (1984) produced by Man(ny) Parrish


The Lines - hull down

The Lines - hull down (2016)
Flat Feet / Single Engine Duster / Nicky Boy's Groove / Zoko AM3 //
Where In The World / Raffle / Archway / Haberdasher (download)

Bonus: The Lines - Web only tracks
Hamilton Park / Rituals of the House / Don’t Need Surgery (First Peel Session) / On the Air (Alaska Demo) / Nerve Pylon (Alaska Demo) / Study #4 / Radiobass / Transit (Second Peel Session) / Cat Bug Jeep / Respite (download) (mehr Infos)