Orchestre Festival Du Zaire

Jama Rico writes: Orchestre Festival du Zaire was Nguashi N'timbo's band while playing in Kenya. More about Nguashi N'timbo at ricorodriguez.wikia.com/wiki/Nguashi_N%27timbo

Orchestre Festival Du Zaire
Madiya Pt.1 (Zele Bakamba) / Madiya Pt.2 (Zele Bakamba)
7" ASL ASL 7-3351 F Lingala (Made in East Africa) (ca. 1977/78) (download)



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Les Kinois

www.kennedy-center.org give the following informations: Born in Matadi, Congo, Samba Mapangala moved to Kinshasa in the early 1970s, to pursue his secondary education. Inspired by legendary Congolese vocalists Tabu Ley Rochereau and Soki Dianzenza, it was there that Samba began his singing career. Samba's early years included stints in the groups Bariza, Super Bella Bella and Super Tukina. It was while touring in Eastern Congo in 1975 that Samba and other musicians separated from Bikassy Bijos' Orchestra Saka Saka. Recruited by a Ugandan promoter, Samba and his comrades set up camp in Kampala. There, they formed Les Kinois, with Samba as lead vocalist. In 1977, Les Kinois shifted their base to Nairobi, where they made their first recordings on 7" vinyl with Melodica Records. Hits like the original Malako, Sunday, Christmas and Sigana Mar Anyango rang out over the airwaves.

Les Kinois
Malako - 1 (Samba-Mapangala) / Malako - 2 (Samba-Mapangala)
7" editions Les Kinois LK 001 Lingala Kabalagala (Made in Kenya) (download)


Landschaften und Blüten

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Orchestre Malekesa again

Again no Informations available about Orchestre Malekesa except this webside: www.kentanzavinyl.com/Kentanzavinyl/EDITIONS_BOYOMA.html

Orchestre Malekesa
Tosa Baboti Pt.1 (Aloni Vangu) / Tosa Baboti Pt.2 (Aloni Vangu)
7" Editions Boyoma AV 001 Lingala Kavacha (download)



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Orchestre Malekesa

I only found information about Orchestre Malekesa in connection with Frantal Tabu but not with Aloni Vangu who recorded with the famous Baba Gaston.

Orchestre Malekesa
Mapenzi Ni Tabu Pt.1 (Aloni Vangu) / Mapenzi Ni Tabudiya Pt.2 (Aloni Vangu)
7" Editions ya Babeti EBB 7-12 Swahili/Lingala (Nairobi) (download)



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Orchestre Sosoliso again

I think Orchestre Sosoliso was the backing band for Trio Madjesi. musiques-afrique.com writes more about Trio Madjesi: The individual members of the trio had earned their fame in other bands. Marcel Loko Massengo's career began in Jamel National, and continued through Négro Succès, Vox Africa and Orchestre Vévé. The other two members, Mario Mabele and Saak Sakoul (also written as Saak Saakul) equally left Orchestre Vévé to form Trio Madjesi. After the first years of success throughout Africa, their fame faded. There were some attempts to continue the saga, but without great success.

Orchestre Sosoliso
Kenda Zunga (Akuda) / Lomeka (Loko Massengo)
7" ASL ASL 7-1163 (P) 1974 Phonogram Limited (Made in East Africa) (download)



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Orchestre Sosoliso

I think Orchestre Sosoliso was the backing band for Trio Madjesi. musiques-afrique.com writes about Trio Madjesi: Trio Madjesi was for a few years the hottest act in Zaire of the early 1970s. Madjesi, a composition of Mario Matadidi Mabele, Loko Massengo "Djeskain" and Saak "Sinatra" Sakoul, the three prominent members of the band, made a joyful mix of Zairean music and soul music in the style of the then so popular James Brown. Their costumes and appearance were James Brown-inspired and their lyrics and overall approach full of humour. Their song "Sex Madjesi", on the album "Trio Madjesi volume 1" renamed in "Sosoliso na Sosoliso", is an excellent example of their style, with that rolling rhythm lead by the guitars, with James Brown inspired licks.

Orchestre Sosoliso (Bidunda-dunda)
Sex Madjesi Pt.1 (Matadidi Mabele) / Sex Madjesi Pt.2 (Matadidi Mabele)
7” ASL ASL 7-1118 Lingala (P) 1973 Phonogram Limited (Made in East Africa) (download)


Vater und Kinder

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Orchestre T.P.Ok-Jazz again

Another record from Orchestre T.P.Ok-Jazz.

Orchestre T.P.Ok-Jazz
Nakobala Mbwa Pt.1 (Luambo Makiadi) / Nakobala Mbwa Pt.2 (Luambo Makiadi)
7" Les Editions Populaires EP 142 (P) 1973 (download)


Schützenausmarsch 1996

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Orchestre T.P.Ok-Jazz

Orchestre T.P.Ok-Jazz existed from 1956 until 1993. During their existence the band had some 80 members including Sam Mangwana, Franco Luambo and Tabu Ley Rochereau. This was one of the biggest band from Zaire/Kongo, so no need to say more.

Orchestre T.P.Ok-Jazz
Ye Baboyaka Ye (Luambo Makiadi) / Lufua Lua Nkandi (Sam Mangwana)
7" Les Editions Populaires EP 144 (P) 1973 (download)