The Prats

And before we hear the first number of THE PRATS I’ll give you a bit of their history, in fact their history in total as it stands. In the winter of 1977, Brian has written, brothers Greg and Dave McGuire started messing around with friends, making a demo tape which they’d sent to FAST RECORDS and FAST used a track of this, in fact several tracks of the demo on the EARCOM album and THE PRATS decided to form a proper group as FAST has taken them seriously. Tom Robinson and Paul McLaughlin joined them, they’re all still at school and the lead singer, that’s Greg, is the youngest at twelve, the rest being around fourteen. They are from Edinburgh and they supported SHAPE on a few gigs around Scotland. They’re because of their age and the licening laws it’s very difficult finding venues. (…) A little bit *** I suppose cynics amongst you who’d seen the only reason for playing that session is because they are very young and I suppose that in a sense is ‘cause of the nevelty value which I’d rather it didn’t have in a sense but to me it’s terrific. The idea that people at this age have actually have got a band together and when I was twelve thirteen fourteen I’d love to been in a band but didn’t get a chance, heartbreaking stuff innit? (…) Well I must say I think that this PRATS session is one of the best that we’d in years and I really mean that. And I feel rather ashamed by the fact that the tape we’re using which is provided by the record company is actually laying around peel-like as for several months at the bottom of one of the boxes that I got full of demo tapes and I’m a bit annoyed by that ‘cause I should have liked broadcasted earlier. Nevertheless here it is and it’s very good. (…) One of the things that pleases me about the current state of THE PRATS is that they are young enough and isolated enough to avoid the most immediately corrupting effects of reaching an audience and I think it’s about that point that corruption sets in these days says he bitterly. (…) This PRATS session is putting me in a good mood that’ll last through the weekend I think. (…) And I’d given you the names of the band but I haven’t detailed their duties in it so I’ll do that now. There’s Greg McGuire vocals and guitar, Paul McLaughlin on lead guitar, Tom Robinson on bass, now there’s a coincidence for you, and Dave McGuire on drums. (…) Is it a little pompous to say that I think Captain Beefheart would have approved of THE PRATS? (John Peel, 13.9.1979)
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The Prats - Now That's What I Call Prats Music
Inverness/Bored (EARCOM compilation 1979)/Disco Pope/Nothing/TV Set/Nobody Noticed (ep 1980)/Die Todten Reyten Schnell/Jesus Had A P.A. (german single 1980)/General Davis/The Alliance (single 1981)/Two Views On Life/Walking Dead (previously unreleased demos)/Jesus Had A P.A./Party Girl/Head Prefect/Sycophant/Disco Pope (previously live recordings)
CD, One Little Indian, 2005
bonus tracks
Prats 2 (EARCOM compilation 1979)/Prats II/Nothing/Jesus Had A PA/You're Nobody/Prats I/Poxy Pop Groups/Strange Interlude (Peel Session 13.9.1979) (download)