Gorilla Aktiv - Nur für Erwachsene

Zehnter Teil der Plünderung des Archivs von Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt-Blog, Juni 2006, diesmal wieder nur verlinkt und zwar aus dem FM Shades-Blog:

Gorilla Aktiv - Nur Fur Erwachsene [7'', 1982]

This one goes out to a awsome new music blog "Mein Walkmen Ist Kaputt" focused on Neue Deutsche Welle aka Underground German New Wave. If you dig No Wave you better check this stuff out, because the germans love their synths mixed with Punk which the american's were always shy of other than groups like the Screamers and Ike Yard.

This is a rare single by this bizarre german group from the early 80's. I actually don't know much about them but if you like early Synth Punk/Neue Deutsche Welle you'll love this. They were from Munich and there is a new Lp that just came out of some of their rarities available from WAS SOLL DAS? SCHALLPLATTEN.

rich said...

Cheers man, got you linked on the site. This is a superb find! I believe this is the 2003 re-issue of Gorilla Aktiv's self-released cassettes. They were a Munich group who made a C-10 (!) tape called 'Va bene' and a C-20 tape, which was apparently only released in Denmark (big minimal NDW cassette scene over there at the time too), called '12/82'. This was all 1982-83. From what I can make out, they were a trio: Nick Deinhardt, Thomas Eckart & Ian Moorse (i think). Superb work!

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Gorilla Aktiv war übrigens eine Vorgängerband von 2Raumwohnung ...