31 more Song Poems

Here is the fourth batch of the lost www.aspma.com archive including the following tracks:

The Rave-Ons: You Put It Inside (Felie Dumlao)
Kay Weaver: Shake (Frelesta Lambert)
Kay Weaver: Hell Express (Cracked Eyes)
John Muir: I'm Tootin' God's Horn (Raymond Van Munster)
Kay Weaver: Gyrate For Physicet Beam Dreams, Kay (James Wilson, Jr.)
no artist named: In Love, In Love (Kenneth F. Irwin-Lucia Pamela)
no artist named: You And Your Big Ideas (Lucia Pamela-Kenneth F. Irwin)
Charles Clark: Common Less Sure (James Wilson, Jr.)
MSR Singers: Oh That Zipper On My Pants (Joseph Hetrick)
MSR Singers: Chicken Leg (Michael Fraulino)
Linda Lane: You Left Me For A Three (Martha Mercer)
Michelle Wood: Yes, I Will (Lenard Walcott)
Buddy Raye: Lucy (Marilou Fears)
Buddy Raye: Gymnasium Girl (Melody Cy)
Buddy Raye: We Have The Right Man In The White House (Joe Walsh)
Buddy Raye: Ten O'Clock Is Boogie Time (Hycienth Ideozu)
Michelle Wood: For You With Love (Jo B. Comberiate) [note: a song-poem about song-poems]
Michelle Wood: Music Of Today (Pat Gregory)
Buddy Raye: 1040 Coal (Cecil Temple)

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