And again 19 more Song Poems

Here is the eighth batch of the lost www.aspma.com archive including the following tracks:

Cara Stewart with Lee Hudson Orch.: Any Dance, Any Dance (Stelzer-Perky-Latkovich)
Chuck Jones & The Links: Sputnik Hit The Moon (Roberts-Lee)
The Real Pros: Deep Freeze Mama (Alberta F. Lancaster) [note: original of this ends abruptly]
The Real Pros: I'm Having My First Heartbreak (Randy Johnson)
Erica Campbell: Remember Me (Darling) (Fanny Fantin)
Jack Kim: Lady Off Pedestal At Notre Dame (Dolly-O Curran)
Jimmie James: Mini Girl Song (Russ Kopasz)
Jimmie James: Free Love For Sale (Russ Kopasz)
Bob Storm: Let's Lay It On The Line (Frank L. Tucker-Ted Rosen)
no artist named: I Am Going To Where Jesus Is (Addie Cochran)
no artist named: Life Is A Flame (Barbara E. Trescott)
Dick Kent: Christopher Columbus And The Compass (Chester T. Finley)
Dick Kent: Never Seen A Thing (William Siemers)
Liza Evans: Yea, That's Me! (Bev Blackwell)
Dick Kent: Your Body's Makin' Eyes At Me (Ray Harris)
Jim Wheeler: What I Like (R. Bowen)
Bonnie Haven: Total Woman (Marguerite)
Gene Marshall: Life And Myself (John Shaloub)
Gary Roberts: Keep Those Hopes Up (Mary McBride & Lew Tobin)

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Could you reactivate the download link? I'd like to obtain these song-poems...