20 more Song Poems

Here is the tenth batch of the lost www.aspma.com archive including the following tracks:

Jim Hall & The Radio Pals: Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Potassium (Lolla Mont Gue)
Norm Burns & The Five Stars: Whirl, Whirl, Whirl (Flora M. Sanders & Lew Tobin)
Rodd Keith: Danny's Return (Fredrick Fargnoli, Jr.)
Rodd Keith: Get Wet (Nick Croshaw-Gene Brooks)
Gene Marshall: Nurse, Nurse (Waskey Walls)
Bonnie & Nita: Dance With Me (H.P. Reddick)
Bonnie Graham: Tiny, Tiny Heart (Ray Hanson)
Bonnie Graham: Train Of Destiny (Aurelio Martellacci)
Bonnie Graham: Let's Fall In Love Again (Francis M. Mutale)
Sue Lloyd & William O'Donnell: The Ballad Of Patty Hearst (Listen To Tania) (B. Elmore Lloyd-William O'Donnell) [note: not technically a song-poem record, but must be heard no matter what it is]
The Downtowners: The Pink, Pink, Lady Of Malibu (William J. Quarry)
Johnny Cargill (Sound Effects by J. Stevens): A Soldier's Prayer (D. Tyree) [note: Johnny Cargill aka Sonny Marshall]
Sonny Marshall: I'm Sam The Handy Man (Edward Tumulty)
Joe Freeman: My Nana (Alfred Guixogn-T. Rosen) [note: Joe Freeman is believed to be aka Lance Hill]
Jim Reid: Evening Time (Emil Sekyra) [note: Jim Reid aka Ramsey Kearney]
Joe Freeman: Are You Giving Green Stamps, Baby? (John Grose) [note: Joe Freeman is believed to be aka Lance Hill]
Bob Brown with Orch.: Let's Twist (James Granville)
Jeff Reynolds: Music For Four Footers (Fred Wolf)
Sonny Marshall: A Two Buck Fiddle (Paul Macpherson)
Ben Tate: She's Gone (Tony Carillo) [note: Ben Tate aka Sonny Marshall]

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