Tonspion 16

Die Tonspion #16-Mp3-Compilation "Frühlingsgefühle 2004" von 2004 mit folgenden Tracks:

Sophia: Oh My Love
American Analog Set: Hard To Find
Tenfold Loadstar: High From Down
REM: I'll Take The Rain (Jamie Candiloro Remix)
Neil Halstead: Two Stones In My Pocket
Bright Eyes: Lover I Don't Have To Love
Yo La Tengo: Don't Have To Be So Sad
Azure Ray: If You Fall
Jullander: Behind The Scenes
Phantom/Ghost: Born With A Nervous Breakdown
Her Space Holiday: Sleepy California
Lambchop: Something's Going On
Ampop: (Re)Made For Market
I'm Not A Gun: Make Sense and Loose
Rachel's: Last Things

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