28 more Song Poems

This twelveth batch of songpoems was originally available through www.bellybongo.com under the name of "Out Of The Darkness, I'm Beginning To See" and includes the following tracks:

Bobbi Blake: I Will Always Remember
Bobbi Blake: It Won't Hurt Anymore
Mike Thomas: There Ain't No Reason
Mike Thomas: I Ain't Living, I Ain't Loving, I Don't Know
Rodd Keith: Unspeakable Love
Rodd Keith: Big Black Train
Bobbi Blake: Love Letter
Bobbi Blake: The Dying Of Mountains
Dick Kent: Handle With Care
Bobbi Blake: Invisible You
Gene Marshall: Divine Exhortation
Gene Marshall: Remember Me -A.P.O.W
Travis Jay Jones Combo: Adventure
Travis Jay Jones Combo: Dot
Rodd Keith: Don't Leave Me
Rodd Keith: Loving You
Gene Marshall: Young Generation
Dick Kent: Knocking Baby
Bobby Boyle: Swing It
Dick Kent: If We Can't Be Lovers
Dick Kent: My Avenue Of Dreams
Dick Kent: The African King
Rodd Keith: Tired Of Waiting
Rodd Keith: Every Woman Is A Star
Bobbi Blake(?): Twilight Shadows
Bobbi Blake(?): If I Ever Needed God
Rodd Keith And The Raindrops: Miracles Still Happen
Rodd Keith And The Raindrops: Song Of The Palms

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Anonym hat gesagt…

thanks for the song poems.i am a big fan of these particularly rodd kieth.