17 more Song Poems

This thirteenths batch of songpoems includes files from various sources like www.aspma.com, www.songpoemmusic.com and www.ubu.com/outsiders/365/ and includes:

Ramsey Kearney: Peace & Love (Blind Man's Penis)
Jeff Stone: Insomniac Man
Bobbi Blake: I Like Yellow Things
The Music Magicians: Convertibles And Headbands
Rodd Keith: Ecstacy To Frenzy
Nervous Norvus & His King-Sized Uke: The Bully Bully Man (Jimmy Drake)
The Paris Sisters, with Jimmy Diamond & His Sparking Music: The Bully Bully Man (Jimmy Drake)
Gene Marshall: Richard Nixon In 76
Gene Marshall: President Richard Nixon
Gene Marshall: God Bless Richard Nixon
Gene Marshall: The Story Of William Calley
Gene Marshall: In Old Charlie Company
Gene Marshall: Hail The Chief
Ad Zielsdorf: There Was A Time Ago
Harry Burgess: Chicago Policeman
Barbara Foster: San Clemente's Not The Same
Michele Cody: Merry Christmas Elvis

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