18 more Song Poems

Here is the eleventh batch of the lost www.aspma.com archive including the following tracks:

Sonny Marshall: The Saddest Story (John H. Kelley)
Kay Weaver: Watch It (Jessie Lee Tuft)
Clear Vision: A Little Morning Rain (Enza Cooper)
Maggie Morgan, music by Sandy Stanton & His Fable Record Stars: Sugar Blues (Maggie Morgan (?))
Little Donnie Lane, music by Sandy Stanton: Go Away (Donald Culton)
Rod Rogers & The Swinging Strings: Sing Your Address (Jack Garrett-Rod Rogers)
Rod Rogers & The Swinging Strings: Big Weekend (Jack Garrett-Rod Rogers)
no artist named: Love Song Of '74 (H.D. Simpson)
no artist named: The Virgin Child Of The Universe (Carrie & Bonnie Postell)
Rodd Rogers: Mary's Launderette (Mary Neimy)
Rodd Keith: Los Angeles City Lights (Kenny Kelly)
Rod Keith & The Raindrops: The Merry-Go-Down (Ray Bon Giorno)
Gene Marshall: Do It While You Can (Martin Massey)
Gene Marshall: The Great Richard Nixon (John Montague)
Gene Marshall: The Didgeridoo (Viola P. Dickerson)
Bobbi Boyle: The Fruit Of Self Control (Alice Wilson)
Dick Kent: I'm Pushing For Love (William Scarborough)
Tin Pan Alley 34-474: Billy Grey: Tongue Tied (Johnson-Dienna)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I really appreciate all of the song poem music posted here. Is there any way you can re-upload this file? All the other links work fine. Thank you.