16 more Song Poems

Here is the nineth batch of the lost www.aspma.com archive including the following tracks:

Prof. Marcell Collegians: The A.C.L. And The S.A.L. (Norridge)
Prof. Marcell Collegians: Be No Fool-Play It Cool-Stay In School (Mayhams-Klibanaw)
Bob Gerard: Joedy Is A Wise Guy (White-Dienna)
The Melodiers: Barbra (Thadeus Jones)
Lew Tobin's Orchestra, vocal Norm Burns: Darling, Don't Put Your Hand On Me (John O'Conner & Lew Tobin)
Dick Rogers: I Understand Him (Willie F. James)
Dick Rogers: I Wouldn't Hide The Moulding Rock (Willie F. James)
Dick Kent: George's Song (George Herman Coppage Jubilate)
Bobbi Blake: Sometime Somewhere (Lillian Taylor)
Bobbi Blake: I Got A Record (Margaret Flenory)
Dick Kent: Unlock My Chains (Stanley Jones)
Jerry Britton & The Downtowners: Lazy Old River (Al Doherty)
Rod Keith: Get Down And Wiggle It A Little (James O. Middleton)
Cara Stewart with Lee Hudson Orchestra: Mr. Memory (F. Leinweber-A. Korb)
Cara Stewart with Lee Hudson Orchestra: The New Year Song (F. Leinweber)
W.L. Horning: Rockin & Rollin (W.L. Horning) [note: not technically a song-poem record, but must be heard no matter what it is]

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