John Lennon & Yoko Ono Two Virgins mystery solved

Second track on side one is entitled "Together" because of the usage of the 78 rpm disc "Together" by Paul Whiteman and his Concert Orchestra with Jack Fulton on vocals and Bix Beiderbecke on coronet from 1928 and it starts at 9:09. Here's the original, written by Buddy G. De Sylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson:

See the complete lyrics here

Second track on side two is entitled "Hushabye Hushabye" and it starts at 3:55. After some research I identified the 78 rpm disc as "I'd Love To Fall Asleep And Wake Up In My Mammy's Arms", written by Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young (words) and Fred E. Ahlert (music) in 1920 and performed by Fred Douglas in 1921. The excerpt you hear on Two Virgins starts at 1:48:

See the lyrics here


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Hallo Martinf,
vielen, vielen Dank, daß Du meiner Bitte, die S.Y.P.H. Sachen noch mal hochzuladen, nachgekommen bist. Du hast mir damit wirklich eine Freude gemacht.
Alles Gute, eine ruhige, friedliche Zeit wünsch ich Dir.

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nice research!

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This is pretty cool! Great job.

This interests me because I always swore that I heard a 78 record playing in the background in the Beatles "Revolution 9." This makes me think maybe I was right and they did the same thing in both places.

The 78 I hear comes up towards the end of the song at 7:07. It sounds like the singer is singing the words "Again and again." It's also buried in a lot of echo.

They removed all the Beatles from YouTube, but if you go to 7:07 on this Vimeo video you can hear it:

Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure that semi-operatic voice I hear isn't John Lennon's, as some have claimed.