Orchestre Sosoliso again

I think Orchestre Sosoliso was the backing band for Trio Madjesi. musiques-afrique.com writes more about Trio Madjesi: The individual members of the trio had earned their fame in other bands. Marcel Loko Massengo's career began in Jamel National, and continued through Négro Succès, Vox Africa and Orchestre Vévé. The other two members, Mario Mabele and Saak Sakoul (also written as Saak Saakul) equally left Orchestre Vévé to form Trio Madjesi. After the first years of success throughout Africa, their fame faded. There were some attempts to continue the saga, but without great success.

Orchestre Sosoliso
Kenda Zunga (Akuda) / Lomeka (Loko Massengo)
7" ASL ASL 7-1163 (P) 1974 Phonogram Limited (Made in East Africa) (download)

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