Orchestre Sosoliso

I think Orchestre Sosoliso was the backing band for Trio Madjesi. musiques-afrique.com writes about Trio Madjesi: Trio Madjesi was for a few years the hottest act in Zaire of the early 1970s. Madjesi, a composition of Mario Matadidi Mabele, Loko Massengo "Djeskain" and Saak "Sinatra" Sakoul, the three prominent members of the band, made a joyful mix of Zairean music and soul music in the style of the then so popular James Brown. Their costumes and appearance were James Brown-inspired and their lyrics and overall approach full of humour. Their song "Sex Madjesi", on the album "Trio Madjesi volume 1" renamed in "Sosoliso na Sosoliso", is an excellent example of their style, with that rolling rhythm lead by the guitars, with James Brown inspired licks.

Orchestre Sosoliso (Bidunda-dunda)
Sex Madjesi Pt.1 (Matadidi Mabele) / Sex Madjesi Pt.2 (Matadidi Mabele)
7” ASL ASL 7-1118 Lingala (P) 1973 Phonogram Limited (Made in East Africa) (download)

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Jeremy Morales hat gesagt…

Hello, i'm here because someone recommended me your page to find what i'm searching for. Do you have the vinyl 'Neue Deutsche Unterhaltungsmusik'? And if you do, can you upload it, please? I'm a fan of this music and i'm not living in Deutschland, so i can't find that vinyls :(
Thanks :)