the walking laboratory

From an interview with Kieth Richards in the December 1995 issue of Details magazine:

MIM: Are there any drugs you haven't done?

Keith: Oh yeh, there's loads of the new ones. I have no time for the modern drugs, because they've gone to all this trouble to take the high out. What's the point of taking those drugs? And they're bad for you! Quite honestly, if you want to go to sleep you're better of with a good old barbiturate like Tuinal or Nembutal or Seconal. It works straight on your heart and it'll be flushed out of your body the next day. But nooooo. They're going to make you a drug that they don't know what it does to you. They'd rather kill you than have you get a buzz. I've studied this shit. I'm a walking laboratory. 

MIM: You know, I believe a few people may have died taking barbiturates.

Keith: Yeah, they sure have, but a lot more have died on your Xanaxes and Halcions and goddamn Quaaludes and all that other stuff they've been giving you all since. This is what makes people drive into restaurants and post offices and blow people away. You find out afterward they're into this newfangled nonsense. I mean with barbiturates, if you want to overdo it and take ten, you're only going to kill yourself. I mean, maybe. Maybe not. 

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Hallo Martin, auch dir wünsche ich frohe Weihnachten & ein frohes neues Jahr! Auf dass es dir & deinen Lieben gut geht (damit du uns auch weiterhin in Ruhe mit großartigen Abstrusitäten der Kulturgeschichte erfreuen kannst :). Alles Gute!