from dusk till dawn

    From a press release issued last summer by the San Diego Wild Animal Park to promote the zoo's Night Moves tour. The three hour tour, offered on Saturday nights, cost $150 per couple: 

    This summer the park premieres the Night Moves tour, focusing on the wild courtship and mating rituals of the facility's exotic-and erotic-residents. Did you know that lions can mate fifty times a day, and that the gorilla who's smitten gets bitten if he tries to force his affection? These are just a few of the examples of what goes on "behind closed gates" at the San Diego Wild Animal Park 

    A unique dating experience, the Night Moves tour includes a romantic evening drive into the park's huge field enclosures, where inquisitive giraffes and rhinos wander within inches of the open safari truck. Safari guides share anecdotes, show some of the gadgets and techniques used by matchmaking zookeepers, and take memento photos of tour participants. 

    After sunset, the truck stops at romantic Amani Point, a secluded spot offering panoramic, moonlit views of the Eastern and South African waterholes. Here guests can snuggle with their sweeties as they enjoy liqueur-spike coffee and choose from a selection of sinful desserts. A Wild Animal Park expert is on hand to talk about reproductive behaviour in the animal kingdom. 

    The tour is tasteful, but guaranteed to put one in the mood.

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