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From "The Television Hug," a chapter in The Art of Hugging by William Crane. The book provides "precise how-to instruction for more than twenty-five different hugs." 

    When they're at home, 62 percent of men and women enjoy television hugs more than just about any other kind. "Whenever possible, my girlfriend and I hug in front of the television," says a translator from Canada. "We like to sit side by side on the love seat, sometimes with my arm around her or hers around me. Or we watch a show lying on the couch, with her in front of me." 

    Women sometimes like you to stroke their hair and groom them during the television hug. Another thing a woman likes is to sit on your lap. She'll appreciate it if you allow her to do this for a good while without interruption. This doesn't mean you have to let her cut off your circulation. Make it easy on yourself and take a break during commercials to stretch your legs. 

   Sometimes a woman is happy just to be able to lean against you while you're watching television. Tell her to rest her head on your shoulder. Stroke her hair now and then. Snake an arm around her waist if you can. Or place your hand on her knee or thigh. 

    Guys like it when you spoon with them on the couch while watching television. This usually involves the two of you lying on your sides close together, like a couple of spoons, both of you facing the television so that you can see the show. Says an accountant, "When we watch The Simpsons, we generally spoon with her in front, my arm draped over her, and her legs intertwined with mine." 

    The most important thing to remember about the television hug is to stay focused on your partner's needs. One woman says she gets annoyed when hugging her boyfriend if he gets too engrossed in the program and seems less interested in her. 

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