Ibrahim Tatlises niedergeschossen

Der türkisch-kurdische Sänger Ibrahim Tatlises wurde in der Nacht zum Montag bei einem Mordanschlag in Istanbul schwer verletzt. Er befindet sich im künstlichen Koma und schwebt in Lebensgefahr. Die Täter sind unbekannt, man munkelt von PKK und/oder türkischer Mafia. mehr hier, hier und hier

Update 17.3.11: Inzwischen wurde ein angeblicher Täter gefasst, ein ehemaliger Mitarbeiter, der schon zweimal versucht haben soll Tatlises zu ermorden. Mehr hier.

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Hallo brotbeutel,

Although I speak and read German I cannot write it very well. Therefore I'm writing this in English, as you can see. lol. Please excuse.

My name is Ralph Smalley and I lived in Germany 1978-1992. I lived in Lehrte 1979-1992. I worked almost 11 years as lagermeister at Club Center, Goseriede 5, in Hannover. I later worked in a laboratory on Eintracht Weg, Hannover.

Working in the middle of Hannover was paradise for a record collector like me. I managed to amass a collection of many thousands of elpees during those years. I returned to Sheffield in October 1992. . . the biggest mistake of my life. . . hindsight. It was very stupid to go back to England, because I'd left the country I really loved. I loved the German people, and still do. Maybe I should apply for a German passport before this crazy Brexit thing happens.

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing your collection of record carrier-bags. I know most of those bags, and others too. I also enjoyed reading your comments too. I never collected bags but I do have one in my possession. . . a Musicland bag. My bag is the yellow and blue one you show on your blog, but with a slight difference. . at the bottom end of the bag it says. Hannover . Nordmannpassage 1. tel. 1 41 95. On my bag below the Hannover address it says. Hameln. Fischpfortenstrasse 26. tel. 2 47 77.

Where I bought my records... . a list.

Musicland Nordmannpassage. This was my favourite record shop. Wolfgang Kuester (no umlaut on this boardkey) ran this shop along with his sister, Angelika. I was secretly in love with Angelika, she was a delightful person indeed. The shop was, if I remember, next door to Nordsee imbiss / cafeteria shop. I often went into this shop to eat fish with salad. Rossman's shop was also nearby, I sometimes had my films developed there. I remember Goebelhoff too.

During many of my visits to Musicland Wolfgang and I became well aquainted. I liked that he was a laid-back person. I used to like looking in the cardboard boxes Wolfgang brought to the shop. There were many bargain priced records in those boxes. I recall buying 3 copies of a record(Aqua Sansa) featuring one of my favourite musicians, Jasper Van't Hof. The elpee is now worth about £250. I bought the records at DM1:90 each. I also bought many Scandinavian jazz-fusion records, each with a Boots sticker on the back of the sleeve. Boots, of Theater Str. distributed many labels, like Love, Geebeedee, No Fun and others. One label was Sandra records, a Stuttgart label. I have a few Sandra records in my collection. Wolfgang told me he named his daughter after this record label. I believe Angelika also became a parent in the mid 80s.

Musicians on tour came to Musicland to sign lps and cds (autogramm-stunde). I remember Pop-Center did this too. Pop-Center once had a band called Red Guitars playing music in the window (schaufenster). Anyway, at Musicland I met. . Mother's Finest, Nektar, Hazel O'connor and others. I've still got signed fotos of them. Some of those bands may have been playing that evening at nearby Rotation music venue.

A friend of mine, Detlev Mueller, had a record and book shop in Peine, Kleine Horror Laden. Detlev and I used to visit Wolfgang at home (possibly Linden-Ricklingen?) alternate Sundays to buy records from his garage and cellar. We bought loads of records from Wolfgang, great times. When we arrived, Wolfgang would go to the kiosk for cigs and bier for us, whilst Detlev and me would be sifting through the records. Wolfgang Kuester is one of the best person's I have ever met in all my 64 years. I still feel very privileged to have known him.