Fix Planet

Für Shefferson und Fernando eine weitere Wiederveröffentlichung aus dem Dorfdisco Braunsfeld-Blog: V.A. - Fix Planet! an international record vom August 2006.

Mr. Lucky posted the rare and weird Ata Tak release 'Lost Gringos - Endstation El Dorado' (Warning Records 23) and the 'Da vorne steht' ne Ampel' single from Der Plan (Warning Records 5) in the orang aural blog [link in the sidebar]. He asks for more Lost Gringos, but there is nothing in the vaults from the dorfdisco. But I remember that Eberhardt Steinkrüger brought a tape from Ecuador for the 'Fix Planet!' Ata Tak Sampler (Warning Records 8). So Mr. Lucky and I think, that's it a good idea to post this compilation. And, oh how wonderful, there is a bonus single wrapped inside the sampler from Der Plan (Warning Records 8 1/2). (By the way, there is a lot of Ata Tak stuff on the blogger planet: go to the not-rock-on blog, there you find the 'Goethe' album from Die Zimmermänner (Warning Records 25), Holger Hiller - 'Ein Bündel Fäulnis in der Grube (Warning Records 20), Holger Hiller - Herzmuskel/Ding Dong Gefühl (Warning Records 04), Holger Hiller/Andreas Dorau - Guten Morgen Hose (Warning Records 28), in the decoder blog you find 'Der Plan - Geri Reig' (Warning Records 3) and in the archive from the dorfdisco you find the Monitor album (Warning Records 11), and there was the Wirtschaftswunder - So allein single (Warning Records 6) in the 'Mein Walkman ist kaputt'-Blog, but I couldn't find the posting there right now. the first single from Der Plan could you find in the brotbeutel-blog).

This record ist just an example, an example for international cooperation.
The german band 'Der Plan' invited musicians from all over to send tapes for a compilation-album on the question 'What's Next, Humans'.
Contrary to the fact that 'Der Plan' is a realtively unknown group and didn't make any public call for 'What's Next' the response was surprisingly good, which lead us to the ascertainment that there must be a distinct lack of media for musicians to publish their works, especially in eastern and southern countries.
Now, we can't compensate this lack of media, by 'making international records', we can only hope that those weaker/underdeveloped societies can build up their own media, resp. that the stronger societies let/help them do so.
What we can do now is intensify contacts between countries, send cassettes etc. and - generally speaking - do cooperative projects, which a matter of fact is already happening.
One half of each pressing of this record is sent to the musicans to be distributed in their countries.
Note: The words on this record are in english, because we found out that english is the most common language and therefore useful as an international language (in fact: except the french people all participators on this record could speak english at least a little).

the tracklist
01. Sister M. - S.M (Japan)
02. Esplendor Geométrico - Moscu Esta Helado (Spain)
03. Unknown Artists - Fiesta de Virgin del Carmen, Atacames (Ecuador)
04. Bruchotin Automatic Band / Siluettes 61 - Adam's Apple / V Sichine Prazny (Czech Republic)
05. Fra Lippo Lippi - Fabric Wardrobe (Norway)
06. Vágtá Zó Hallot Kémek - no title (Hungary)
07. Raha - Marebebus (Iran)
08. Man Ray - I Feel So Bad (USA)
09. Peter X, Kolja Y - Bblwe, Bblwe! (Higher, higher) (Russia
10. Kid Montana - Amour D'Electrons (Belgium)
11. Eva Johanna Reichstag & die Form - Valium (France)
12. Semol - I Think (Poland)
13. Surplus Stock - Let's Kill Each Other (UK)
14. M.B. (Maurizio Binachi) - Milan Bruits (Italy)
15. Jad Fair - Fish Can Talk (1/2 Japan)
16. Alexao Sevsek - Das Edelweiß (Austria)

the bonus single from 'Der Plan'

A-Einfachheit, Brot, Klarheit, Liebe, Tod
(I think that are the wrong titels on the label, the right tracktitles find you on the 'Der Plan' cd-rerelease from 'Geri Reig', A: 'Wir werden immer mehr' and B: 8 1/2.)

And yesterday I found a cover from the cover in the german newspaper 'Süddeutsche Zeitung':

This is Maarten van Valckenborchs version from Bruegels 'Tower of Babel". You could watch this painting in the castle Gaasbeek in belgium. There is a Bruegel-festival in belgium 'Bruegel 06', more info about the festival find you here.

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