Brenda Fassie

This is my second offer of a CD bought in Namibia, but again it's not a CD made in Namibia, it's only imported (some shops in Windhoek didn’t stock local CDs, because they don’t have bar codes). I first read about Brenda 3 month after her death from crack mixed with rat poison – what a waste! Brenda was called "Madonna of the townships" and I think she should have been successful like Mrs. Ciccione or even more. Her first hit single was "Weekend Special", but that sounded like a clone of American softfunk. With "Memeza" she gave up singing in English and used Kwaito-Rhythms very successful, but this is not traditional African music for purists, it's modern African dance music. I love it.

Brenda Fassie "Memeza"
Qula / Sum' Bulala / Vull Ndlela / Msindo / Memeza / Vull Ndlela (Remix) / Qula (Remix) / Sum' Bulala (Remix)

Übersetzung: Alles Wichtige über Brenda Fassie findet ihr hier. Und ignoriert Wikipedia, die sagen kein Wort zu ihrer Musik.


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I remember seeing a documentary about this singer in the mid 1990's and subsequently having obscure thoughts about that was going to be known as globalisation... Anyway, this was probably out from my ignorance so I'm going to enjoy this opportunity of getting to know her stuff. Didn't know about her death. Thanks for the post!
Fernando :)

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If you say "ignore Wikipedia, they mention no word about her Music" you ignore (or maybe you just didn't understand the idea) of Wikipedia ... since you obviously know better, you should edit something about Brenda Fassie in Wikipedia. Because Wikipedia depends on input of all those, that know better .. ;-)