R. Andrew Exile - Catharsis

Eine zweite Cassette von R.Andrew Exile. Übrigens waren auch in den Brotbeutel-Sendungen vom November 2014 und Dezember 2014 waren Coverversionen von XTC-Titeln und Musik ihrer Fans zu hören:

r.andrew exile – catharsis
Stitches Lazyfair / Monkey Wrench / Jamaica Cake / Tuesdane (the day after) / Breathing With Mary / (In Search Of) My Favorite Hairdo // Could Be You / The Outlet / Beehive / Hypoxia / Tempest/Town / Downhill
written, performed and produced by r. andrew exile / engineered by Tech Savory / recorded at shrouded room mobile studio / drums on "Monkey Wrench": Scott Matthews / all samples used entirely without consent
MC, C-60, ersatz records and tapes RMA 3, 1992 (download)

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