R. Andrew Exile - Umbra

Eine weitere Cassette, von der ein Titel in der Radio Brotbeutel-Sendung im Oktober 2014 zu hören war:

R.Andrew Exile – Umbra
crack in the ceiling / the conversation / wound too tight / constant / ghost dance // 2.Seite leer
all tracks – exile (c) 1986 shrouded room music / drums 1-3: the perfesser / bass 1: the engineer / the rest: RAE / recorded (mostley) at shrouded room new britain, ct / mixed at the box s winsor, ct / produced by Rick McNamara / featured guests Harry Toupee & the Headless Choirboys , Ssalg Pilihp, 4 or 5 Crazy Guys / this recording (p) 1986
MC, C-60, ersatz records and tapes RMA 1, 1986 (download)


Merlin van Reboe hat gesagt…

Ich glaube, der Download-Link führt zu, äh, nix ;) (Bei der Gelegenheit aber danke für die vielen lesens- und hörenswerten Beiträge hier.)

martinf hat gesagt…

Danke, jetzt müsste es klappen.

r. andrew exile hat gesagt…

I found your website and am looking forward to the response to the recording. It was created many years ago. It is interesting that it still finds an audience. Thank you for broadcasting, because it contains here and there are a few moments.
There is another recording that followed in 1993 entitled Catharsis, if you are interested.