Orchestre Fuka Fuka

I can't detected the source of these informations: Mulembu Tshibau passed away in Februar 2010. He was with Bella Bella, Nyboma's Orchestre Lipua Lipua before forming Orchestre Fuka Fuka with among others Kizunga Ricos and Assosa. Some of the songs are "Bitota" and "Landu". He was on "Fuga Fuga" by Lipua Lipua.

Orchestre Fuka Fuka
Bitota Pt.1 (Mulembu Tshibau) / Bitota Pt.2 (Mulembu Tshibau)
7" ASL ASL 7-3352 N Lingala Edition: Mabele (Made in East Africa) (ca. 1977/78) (download)

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