Afrisa "L'international" again

Another single by Tabu Ley Rochereaus backing band with a sony by Taby Ley himself. Maybe he's singing an this record, but why is it just credited to Afrisa "L'international"? The other song Mwasi Ya Wendo is by Diana Simão Nsimba who was born in Angola and played with Taby Ley's former band African Fiesta National and also with Sam Mangwana's Festival des Maquisards.

Afrisa "L'international"
Mwasi Ya Wendo (Diana) / Nakoya Kobebisa (Tabu Ley)
7" ASL ASL 7-2043 (P) 1974 Phonogram Limited (Made in East Africa) (download)

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Hello, thanks for the great Congo ASL posts. Any chance you could re-up the 2 Afrisa ones, this ASL2043 and also ASL2041 from july 3rd? That'd be great. Thanks again!