... there's no specific reason for posting this track "guitar jamboree" by chris spedding except i showed this record to a friend of mine but his record player didn't work correctly with the 7inch so he couldn't listen to the great finale of this meeting of guitar giants...

.. i toyed with the idea of embedding a youtube-clip but i didn't like the clips i've found and there is not one from the early 1980's, a time when spedding also included robert fripp in his "guitar jamboree" so i faded 2 live tracks from 1981 together for your listening pleasure, the first one is from the live-album "friday the 13th" and the second one i found somewhere in the internet...
...by the way, spedding didn't play guitar for the sex pistols (just producing their first studio session) but for the bay city rollers |-))

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