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Phonophobia- 1979-1983 VERY GOOD RECORDS LP

The story of this record is short and sweet. Phonophobia were a studio-based trio from Bremen, led by visual artist Harald Falkenhagen. They recorded between 1979-83, never performed live, and pressed up 1200 copies of an ultra-minimal DIY 7" in 1980, before disappearing back into der Hinterlands. In 1999, 20 years after their initial foray into the avant-garde, Very Good Records (check Simon Harris' homage to the label) were kind enough to rescue Phonophobia from the scrap heap of DIY-music history, and re-master their lost work with the 1979-1983 document. This is the Dortmund label that did the same for Conrad Schnitzler and Seesselberg. Phonophobia's sound fits somewhere between these two, taking Seesselberg's minimalism and the dark electronics of Schnitzler's oeuvre towards a more refined sensibility. This acted as a small precursor, then, to Konrad Becker's interests in sound design later on in 1980, and further cemented the paving of the path that eventually led to the IDM approach of the 1990s. All of the 1979-1983 LP can be sampled via the website, including, the highlight of the original 7", 'Feed Me'. Falkenhagen's list of phobias was later taken to the extreme here.

By request, I'm posting more zip files on the site, so folks can get the whole record. Included is a Japanese interview with Harald, who has been kind enough to let me share his music:

Phonophobia- 1979-1983 VERY GOOD RECORDS LP

01 Montenegro 4:20
02 imp 1 0:04
03 Polyopie 1:30
04 imp 2 0:14
05 Hoerst Du Mich? 2:20
06 imp 3 0:04
07 Rein Raus 3:13
08 imp 4 0:05
09 Feed Me 6:22
10 Das Ende einer Schallplatte endless (on LP)

11 Antistress-Trainingsschule 3:13
12 Schweine im Weltall 1:36
13 imp 5 0:04
14 Whistler 1:53
15 imp 6 0:04
16 KG 1:04
17 Irrenhaus 2:35
18 imp 7 0:04
19 Luzy 0:37
20 lemmorT 0:32
21 imp 8 0:10
22 Irrenhaus (slight Return) 1:18
23 Das Ende dieser Schallplatte endless (on LP)

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