pragVEC again

This is the second single by pragVec, again classic Post Punk stuff. This time they had a proper producer but it didn't change their sound. By the way, their drummer is not the same Nick Cash as the singer from 999 but he later played drums for The Lines. On the French 12" (Celluloid LTD 1040, 12", 1979)" they mixed the running order of the songs: "Expert" / "Wolf" / "Cigarettes" // "Existential" / "Bits" / "The Follower".

"Expert" (Gogan/Studholme) / "The Follower" (Gogan/Studholme) (Spec Records SP002, 1979)
Batterie Nicholas Cash / Guitare John Studholme / Basse David Boyd / Chant Susan Gogan / Synthetiseur Susan / Choeurs John et David / producteur Bob Sargeant à Camden Soundsuite


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