More Flexipop X-Mas

As promised 5 days ago here is more of Flexipop music. I found these files more than a year ago in another blog (I forgot its name - shame on me) and they cover up most of the missing tracks. But to be honest I haven't checked whether these are the correct Flexipop-versions or more commen official releases of the same tunes. So I would be grateful for any advice so I can come up with a complete and correct collection some day - and start some other stupid project like collect all tracks from Masterbag-Flexidiscs. So here are the remaining tracks:
* No Respect - Bad Manners
* Train Kept A Rollin (live) - Motörhead
* Men Of Good Fortune - Hazel O'Connor
* D Days (New Version) - Hazel O'Connor
* Night Games (New Version) - Graham Bonnet
* We Say Yeah! (New Version) - Polecats
* Song For Jimmy - Thin Lizzy
* Monkey Love - Way Of The West
* I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (version) - Depeche Mode
* King Of Flies (single edit) - Fad Gadget
* Rememberance Day - B Movie
* Higher And Higher - Gillan
* Happy Birthday (Happy New Year) - Altered Images
* Real Toys (New Version) - Altered Images
* Leave Me Alone - Altered Images
* My Girl (Ballad) - Madness
* Even Dogs In The Wild - The Associates
* The Lady Lies (Live) - Genesis
* WW3 - Anti Nowhere League
* Dance (Until You Drop) - The Defects
* Mutant Rock (Instrumental) - The Meteors

Still no idea what the following tracks sound like:

* Spanish Guitar - Gillan
* West Park (Flexi Mix) - Weapon Of Peace
* Baby When I'm Gone (Dub) - Weapon Of Peace
* Christmas Song - The Brattles
* Santa's Agent - Snuky Tate
* In The Mix - Haysi Fantaysee

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