Here today gone tomorrow

Wer hätte gedacht, dass die Tochter von Elvis auf die Sex Pistols und die Ramones steht. Johnny Ramone konnte leider nicht mehr mitspielen, aber Steve Jones hat ein überflüssiges Gitarrensolo beigesteuert:
lisa marie presley - here today gone tomorrow

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Portsmouth Sinfonia - as requested:

Hi, Martin -
here are the Portsmouth Sinfonia releases you asked for. Everything was found in various internet places during the past years:

- Plays The Popular Classics (1974)
- Hallelujah (1974)
- 20 Classic Rock Classics (1980)

- Classical Muddly (1981)


According to Discogs there were two more 7"s - but just tracks that were contained on the first LP. So this is more or less the complete discography here.

It might be a pretty good idea to turn that stuff into a separate post of yours - there are always grateful people around looking for these otherwise unavailable items.