Doing something stupid

Good day!
Here is the last warning.
Your system has been cracked. We have copied the entire information from your device to our servers. Besides, we have recorded the video from your camera with you watching a porn movie.
My virus has infected your device via an adult website that you recently visited.
I can share details in case if you don't know how it works. A Trojan virus grants me entire access and control over your device. As a result, I can see your screen, activate the camera and the microphone and you won't even know about it.
I have captured a video from your screen and the camera and have made a video where one part of a screen demonstrates you masturbating, and another part shows a porn video that you were watching at that time.
I can see the entire list of your contacts in the phone and the social networks.
I can send this video to all the contacts in your phone, the E-mail and the social networks in a single click. Moreover, I can send the data of your E-mail and your messengers to anybody.
This would ruin your reputation once and for all.
In case if you wish to prevent such consequences, do the following-
Transfer 1300 USD (American dollars) to my Bitcoin- wallet.
(If you do not know how to do this, write in a search string in Google: "Buy bitcoin").
My Bitcoin Wallet (BTC Wallet): 18qTeVDY4LwxjcwtGD76JuDj5fbhVRrpy
Immediately after crediting of payment I shall erase your video and shall not bother you anymore.
You have 50 hours (a little more than 2 days) to make the payment.
I receive an automatic notification of reading of this letter. The timer will also automatically launch right after you read this E-mail.
Don't try to complain anywhere- my BTC -wallet cannot be traced and an E-mail that sent you the letter is created automatically-any response would be senseless.
Should you try to share this E-mail with somebody, the system will automatically send a request to the servers and they will start sending the entire information to social networks.
The change of passwords of social networks, an E-mail and the device would be senseless either as the whole data has already been downloaded to cluster of my servers.
I wish you luck and don't do something stupid. Consider your reputation.

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