Rock Music Studies Update

Rock Music Studies, Volume 9, Issue 2 (2022)
Article: (No?) Adventures in Recording Land: Engineering Conventions in Metal Music (Jan-Peter Herbst & Mark Mynett)
Article: Authenticity, Empathy, and the Creative Imagination (Keith Negus & Pete Astor)
Article: Fashioning the "People’s Guitarist" The Mythologization of Rory Gallagher in the International Music Press (Lauren Alex O’Hagan)
Article: Did Billboard, Cash Box, and Record World Charts Tell the Same Story? Perception and Reality, 1960-1979 (William F. Carroll Jr.)
Digging: From IBM to Bringing Reggae to the World: An Interview with Don Green of Synergy Productions and Reggae Sunsplash (Eric Abbey)
Book Review: Elvis: Roots, Image, Comeback, Phenomenon (B. Lee Cooper)
Book Review: The 33 1/3 B-Sides (John Littlejohn)
Book Review: Songs of Social Protest: International Perspectives (Heather Lusty)
Audio Review: Rock (B. Lee Cooper)
Audio Review: Valentine’s Day: 29 Tributes to Love and Passion (B. Lee Cooper)
Film Review: The Beatles: Get Back (Michael R. Fisher)

Rock Music Studies, Volume 9, Issue 3 (2022)
Introduction: Steely Dan at 50 (Michael Borshuk)
Article: Those Days Are Gone Forever: Steely Dan’s Grumpy Old White Guys’ Blues (Kevin Fellezs)
Article: The Odyssean Masculinities of Steely Dan’s Aja (Donald E. Lavigne)
Article: Not Just Derision and Darkness: The Interplay of Lyrics and Music in Steely Dan’s Compositions (Garth Alper)
Article: "We’ll Build a World Together": Intimacy, Alienation, and Donald Fagen’s Voice (Michael Bruschi)
Article: Groove, Voice, and Mystery: Reflections on Steely Dan’s Cool (John Gennari)
Digging: Chasing the Music: An Interview with Kenny Weissberg (Thomas M. Kitts)
Book Review: A Thousand Dances: A Novel of the British Blues Boom (James Martens)
Audio Review: Talking on the Telephone: Rock & Roll and Teen Pop (B. Lee Cooper)
Article: The Shadow Knows More: 35 Scary Tales from the Vaults of Horror (B. Lee Cooper)

Rock Music Studies, Volume 10, Issue 1 (2023)
Article: Let There Be Guitar: Rhythm Techniques in the Music of Malcolm Young, Maybelle Carter, and Bob Marley (Ulrich Adelt)
Article: Toward a Systematic Understanding of "Heaviness" in Metal Music Production (Jan-Peter Herbst & Mark Mynett)
Article: Standing in the Shadows: The Songwriting, Recording, and Production of Holland-Dozier-Holland (Christopher W. Bulgren)
Article: Bad Religion and the Burlesque: Framing Extremist Rhetoric in "The Kids are Alt-Right" (Ellen M. Bernhard)
Article: Drowned, Washed Up, and Left for Dead: Hyperbolic Irreverence in "Jumpin’ Jack Flash" (Salvador Alarcón-Hermosilla, Neil Nehring & Javier Campos Calvo Sotelo)
Digging: Writing Critical Biographies of Our Musical Heroes: Pleasures, Problems, and Peculiarities (Thomas M. Kitts)
Book Review: Tear Down the Walls: White Radicalism and Black Power in 1960s Rock (Grant Wong)
Book Review: The Dylan Tapes: friends, players, and lovers talkin’ early Bob Dylan (Steve Hamelman)
Audio Review: The Roy Orbison Connection: 34 Roots and Covers of Roy Orbison (B. Lee Cooper)
Audio Review: We Did ‘em First! 33 Obscure, Lost, and Forgotten Originals (B. Lee Cooper)

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