Wanted to post this news last Saturday but had more important things to do until now:
I met Jürgen Gleue a.k.a. JG39 of 39 Clocks fame (for more details follow this link). He gave me his new comic book entitled "Halluzinationen" (hallucinations) and the subtitle "Story 1" suggests that it's part of a bigger project. The story is based around some weird characters like an octopus-shaped brain and a secretary with telepathic abilities and is too confusing to be properly retold, it's more like a description of a dream while having fever, so we have to wait for the next episodes to make any sense out of it. Sadly there is no address where you can order it and also there don't seem to be that many copies around so you have to be lucky to know JG39 personally to get your own copy ;-)

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