1979/80 kamen viele merkwürdige Platten aus England, so zum Beispiel "Hansten Klork" von Metabolist. Um es kurz zu machen: klingt wie This Heat spielen Hard Rock oder so ähnlich. Hier ist alles, was ich von der Band besitze - das Stück "Chained" von der "International Compilation 1" könnt ihr hier herunterladen. Mehr über die Band könnt ihr hier lesen: "Metabolist: Goatmanauts, Drömm-heads and the Zuehl Axis". Und dann habe ich noch 2 Links zu diskografischen Angaben: hier und hier.

Metabolist (Drömm Records DRÖ 1, EP, 1979)
1. Drömm / 2. Slaves / 3. Eulam's Beat
Produced by Metabolist & Jacqueline Bailey except "Eulam's Beat" produced by Metabolist
Metabolist are: Malcolm Lane, Anton Loach, Simon Millward & Gerald Kingsford
+ Metabolist "Hansten Klork" (Drömm Records DRÖ 2, LP, 1980)
4. Curly Wall / 5. Alien on Sunday / 6. King Quack / 7. Lights // 8. Hoi Hoi Hoi / 9. Merchandise / 10. Hansten Klork
Metabolist are: Malcolm Lane, Anton Loach, Shaiga Simon Millward & Mark Rowlatt
All titles recorded at the Metabolist studio / Mixing and Editing: Simon and Anton / Cover design & Promotion: Jacqueline Bailey
+ Metabolist (Drömm Records DRÖ 3, 7", 1980)
11. Identify / 12. Tiz Hoz Nam
Lane, Loach, Millward & Rowlatt
+ Metabolist "Racing Poodles" von der LP "Miniatures" (Pipe Records PIPE2, 1980)
+ Metabolist / Die Form (Bain Total B.T. 009 BIS, 7", o.J.)
Metabolist "Le Grand Prique" (Lane/Millward)

Summary: "Formed in January '77, Metabolist first came to my attention via a piece in Enovations. This occasionally interesting periodical unfortunately masquerades as a fanclubjournal for Eno. The sooner it turns into a source of information for exploratory musicians, the better. (...) Wisely, Metabolist have their own label, Dromm records, & claim to have been influenced by Can, Gong & Magma. I see also connections with This Heat & Public Image Ltd. There's an increasingly interesting use of noise & chaos in dance music these days. This snappy item was recorded at their studios in Charing Cross, & features Simon Millward bs, Mark Rowlatt drs, & the recently departed Anton Loach synth." This is what Morgan Fisher says about Metabolist in the liner notes of the Miniatures compilation. I think it describes the noise accurately except that I don't hear any traces of "dance music". Read more about the band here: "Metabolist: Goatmanauts, Drömm-heads and the Zuehl Axis". Get information about further releases here and here. And you can download the track "Chained" from the "International Compilation 1" here.

Originally posted on 2007-04-08

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thanks a lot for this. i just discovered metabolist recently and they are now "rocking my world" as the kids used to say, though never about anything this good.

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Hallo Martin, besteht die Möglichkeit des erneuten Downloads für die ganzen Metabolist Lp's und die Split-7"? Schönen Dank, Volker

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Schöne Beschreibung, kurz und exakt :)

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