Rula Lenzka

Rula Lenzka erzählen uns, wie toll das neue Digital-Hall-Gerät von Ibanez ist, während über die andere Seite mehr hier zu lesen ist.

Henry Kaiser & Bill Frisell "Truth Or Consequences" (B. Frisell & H. Kaiser)
Henry Kaiser - Guitar, Synclavier / Bill Frisell - Guitar, Synclavier
"The SDR1000 digital reverb demonstration disc featuring the Ibanez midi guitar system"/Rula Lenzka "It's true"
Produced by Ron Bienstock and John King
Recorded at secret Society Studios, N.Y.C. and The Warehouse Studio, Phila.
Special Thanks to Onie O'Brien and the entire Warehouse Crew.
quadratische Flexi-EP, Guitar Player Magazine Soundpage #21 June 1986

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