Another Band I know nothing about and that probably never released a second record. It was recorded at Cargo in Rochdale where a lot of Post Punk Bands recorded like The Fall, Gang Of Four, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft just to mention a few. Visitors are not a typical Post Punk Band, on the "Electric Heat"-EP they sound more like some small town kids (2 brothers and school friends I guess) mixing punk with apre-punk influence - and they have great distorted bass and guitars sounds and a cool cover photo.

"Electric Heat" / "Moth" / "One Line" (Deep Cuts Deep One, 7", 1979)
John McVay - vocals, keyboards / Derek McVay - vocals, bass / Colin Craigie - vocals, guitar / Alan Laing - drums / Recorded at Cargo 16 track Studio, Rochdale 31.3.79 / Produced & mixed by Deep Cuts and Visitors with invaluable assistance from engineer John Brierley / Cover photography by Hilary K Kerr


Kevin Williamson hat gesagt…

I saw Visitors in Edinburgh around time of this single. They were from Edinburgh and released about four singles if I recall. They were a good live band with an original punk sound.

herr Ärmel hat gesagt…

oh, die single wäre mein nächstes posting gewesen, die platte habe ich damals öfter bei John Peel gehört.

Alastair McKay hat gesagt…

They were from Edinburgh, and released two singles. The second was called Compatibility/Poet's End. They also did a couple of John Peel sessions. There's a photo here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/herschell/432567084/