I, I found out!

... that John Lennon worshipped Satan! Here is the proof:

So God-worshipping Mark David Chapman sure had a good reason to shoot him?!

On the other hand, if HE is allmighty, HE could do the job of punishing poor JL for worshipping Lucifer for himself and doesn't need puny MDC to do it for him. So in fact it's MDC himself who disowns HIM (or HER?) by saying GOD isn't almighty at all and needs MDC's help to put the verdict on Lennon. Can you believe that? GOD created mankind, all the species, earth and the whole universe - and is to weak to pull the trigger of a gun?!

By the way, ever thought of aliens invading earth are GOD's creations too? And maybe these aliens are on a crusade to fight Money-worshipping earthlings. Because it says in the Revelation Chapter 13, 15/17: And it was given him to give life to the image of the beast: and that the image of the beast should speak: and should cause that whosoever will not adore the image of the beast should be slain. (..) And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. - which is the proof that money was invented by Satan. It sure would make a good b-movie with Tom Cruise and John Travolta as evil humans to be crushed by the aliens. Or maybe Dreamworks could make a good animation movie of the Apocalypse/Revelation to St. John itself? It sure has so great jobs for special effects!


Anonym hat gesagt…

You're absolutely right, and, besides the sign he makes with his hand, look at these fake-fleur de lys flowers, they have clearly the silhouette of goat's heads, typically satanic.
Happiness is a warm gun, oh yes it is.
Fernando ;)

rvd hat gesagt…


john lennon verehrt satan oder luzifer natürlich nicht, sondern er grüsst ihn. er grüsst ihn, wie es unter halbwegs zivilisierten gottheiten üblich ist wenn man sich begegnet.

so gehörnt es sich und so tue ich es auch.

gruss: rvd...