Research and development

My name is Qamar and I am from Pakistan. I currently live in Dubai. I want to tell you something about my life. I was very fond of reading in my childhood. And I wanted to study further and become an engineer but I couldn't get a higher education because of my poor memory.

When I was in grade 1, I had a difficult time remembering lessons. Then, I started doing research on other students in the class who were intelligent and I wondered that how were they able to learn so many lessons.

One day, I was sitting at home thinking that there were people, in history, who didn't even get an education but made incredible inventions. Then, I started researching these people. I struggled a lot to get to college. Once I enrolled in college, I was having a very hard time remembering the lesson, then I left college after three months. I wanted to do something in terms of science and technology, but I didn't have the resources.

Now what I have gained from my 20 years of research is that, to become a doctor or an engineer requires a degree, but to become a scientist, doesn't. Every person can become a scientist by his creativity. But there are many students in our society who have a high level of creativity but they do not understand their skills and abilities. However, I believe that with an observatory approach, a creative mind and an interest in science and technology, I will be 100% able to identify these students who can be a precious asset to the world.

Mrs Qamar Shahzad

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