Historic places in London today 2

6 Denmark Street, London, Sex Pistols' rehearsal space


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hast du die Pistols Doku "the filth
and the fury " gesehen ?
Wenn ja , kann man den Film empfehlen ?


martinf hat gesagt…

zweimal ja. gibts bei zweitausendeins für 10 euro als teil der rolling stone-musik dvd-edition, was wohl okay ist, zumal mir nix von einer 2-disc-edition bekannt ist.

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Haha, love this 'historic places' series. I made my own some 10+ years ago but the photos appeared pretty blurred - in P. Shelley's words, "oh shit!" :D

@Shefferson - I would definitely reccommend the film because of the documentary value of lots and lots of scenes. But not as a film per se. It has this frenzy rhythm typical of the docus made in the 90s (see the Sound of the Westway documentary that Don Letts made for The Clash - pretty horrible if you ask me) and it does not get deep inside of the issues at all. Very Lydon-oriented, even in his manias (like showing footage of Chelsea and the Adverts as samples of bandwagon-jumpers)! There's some confusion too, like showing the trash strike of 79 as if it had been in 76 and so on...

In contrast, I still think The Great R'n'R Swindle is big fun, even if (or because) it's all lies upon lies!

Fernando :)

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Diese Bar hab ich doch auch schonmal geknipst …