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I don't know if this record is a proper release or some kind of obituary. It contains 3 tracks from pragVEC, 7 by Spec Records and 3 by other groups but the personal is nearly always the same. I guess the idea was that because the tracks are so different they sound like they were recorded by different groups. On their website there is an interview with Jim Thirlwell of Foetus fame who was a member of pragVEC at that time where he says that being a member of pragVEC was such a bad experience that he decided to go solo. Probably to much democracy and discussion during practice sessions?

"Spec Records present ... 'No-Cowboys'" (Spec Records reSPECt 1, LP, 1980)
Spec Records "Laugh" (Gogan/Studholme) / pragVEC "Third Person" (Gogan/Studholme) / Spec Records "Nervous" (Gogan/Studholme) / Spec Records "Happey Valley" (Gogan/Studholme) / Couch Potatoes "Mens Casual Wear 1962" (Studholme/James) / pragVEC "Breaking Point" (Gogan/Studholme) / Vince Quince and his Rialto Ballroom Detectives "Your Your Lay Lay" (Gogan/Studholme) / Spec Records "By The Sea" (Gogan/Studholme) // Spec Records "Uh Oh Erotic" (Gogan/Studholme) / Spec Records "Welcom Home" (Gogan/Studholme) / Major Eddie "My Name's Eddie" (Gogan/Studholme/James/Hill) / Spec Records "You're The Gun" (Gogan/Studholme) / pragVEC & Art Moran "Cigar-Ettes" (live) (Gogan/Studholme)
David Boyd Bass / Nick Cash Drums / Norma Form Producer / John Glyn Tenor Sax / Susan Gogan Vocals, Wasp, "Speculator" Guitar, Bass, Harmonica / Keith James Wasp / Art "Reeds" Moran Alto Sax / Suresh Singh Broadway Kit, "Imperialist" Model Chad Valley Kit, Mono-Phied Bicycle, Vocals, ...and his mariwbo / John Studholme Guitar, Wasp, Bass, Drum Ma-chine, Casette Ma-chine, Radio, Vocals / Jim Thirlwell Wasp, Vacuum Cleaner, Alarm Clock, Vocals
pragVEC recorded Sept 79 at Easy Street / pragVEC & Art Moran recorded Oct 79 at Y.M.C.A. / Couch Potatoes/Major Eddie recorded Dec 79 at Markland Hse / Spec Records recorded May 80 at Rockstar / Vince Quince and his Rialto Ballroom Detectives recorded Jun 80 at Easy Street


  1. Mister Niles4/3/07 16:56

    Here is a link to one of your requests. From Honeybean39.blogspot.com

    Portsmouth Sinfonia


  2. Here's the Andy Giorbino tape. I had this rip sent to me on a CD last year

  3. thank you very much to both of you!